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I get that in Gen I there weren't any actual Dragon-type moves, so making him a Dragon would make him severely OP, but now there are plenty of Anti-Dragon Pokemon and strategies out there, so he wouldn't be as OP. Also, plenty earlier Pokemon have received type updates as time wears on, so it wouldn't exactly be unusual.


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The only time a Pokemon has gained a type or undergone a type change was when a new type was introduced. Like how Magneton gained Steel when it was introduced or how a lot of Pokemon gained the Fairy type and Pokemon like Clefable were just completely made Fairy. With this, it is very unlikely that Gyarados will become Dragon or any other Pokemon who already isn't (unless a Mega Evolution) until a new type is introduced that might fit Gyarados.

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My answer: no
One: gyarados has always be the flying\water type we love (for me: hate)
Two: we have already a water /dragon type, so gyarados will just be a copy
Three: mega gyarados is water /dark, and if they would make him dragon they would make his mega evolution instead.

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