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I know it's weird having a special Gyarados and not a physical one.

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Surf-STAB obviously. Covers Rock weakness.


Flamethrower-Covers grass types.

Dragon pulse/ice beam-either one covers dragon pokemon.

To be honest, you're still much better off going with a physical gyrados, or at the very least, a mixed one.

I agree with you guys, although it seems that Gyarados has a WAY much wider special movepool.
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You do not want a special gyarados. Gyarados with a beneficial nature in Special Attack only reaches 240 max at level 100. If you have a Gyarados with a hindering attack nature, you can get it to have up to 314 attack.

If for some reason it does end up having higher Special Attack, if training a new one because a Special Gyarados is pretty much useless compared to other Pokemon is not an option, I guess you'd best use this:

Hydro Pump: Power is kind of neccessary here.

Fire Blast: Power.

Ice Beam: Get a x4 weakness.

Thunderbolt: Hopefully you end up facing a Pelliper.

Or you can get Dragon Dance and have a really weak physical Gyarados with normal moves that still works better than the special Gyarados.

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You are most definantly better off with a physical, not a special.
Why has nobody suggested earthquake? Gyarados has x4 weakness against electric
dragon dance, not only increasing speed but attack makes gyarados a force to be recond with.
Blizzard - coverage
Surf - STAB

because it has such super amazing awesome attack you will be able to use gyarados to its full potential with those moves

This seems like a Mixed set to me. PB-10 asked for a completely Special set.
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Gyarados @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 128 HP / 252 SpA / 128 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Hydro Pump (Stab supported by rain dance)
- Hurricane (Stab %100 accuracy from rain dance)
- Thunder (Coverage %100 accuracy from rain dance)
- Rain Dance (Support for all of Gyarados's moves)
This is not much but it was all that I could think of.

Gyrados sucks as a special attacker.
Did you even read the question?