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State what Pokemon you were using against it, and what move Venomoth used. Not enough information at the moment.
Its speed stat was higher.
The pokemon was talonflame and the battle just started no quiver dances nothing I have perfect speed iv's and perfectly ev trained
What move were you using?
He used U-Turn with Talonflame.
o. maybe i should read the question first qq
Maybe ;P lol

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  • The other Pokemon probably had perfect IVs and EVs n speed stat.
  • Custap Berry.
  • You don't know the speed stat of the Pokemon you played against.
  • Venomoth or another Pokemon lowered your speed stat.
  • Venomoth raised its speed with a move like Quiver dance.

So probably you had lower IVs and EVs, and as fizz says this questions would be a lot easier to answer if you told us what Pokemon you used.


The pokemon was talonflame , it didn't use quiver dance since this was the beginning of the match he did the first move when My talonflame has 6 IVS and ev trained in attack , speed , and a bit or hp it didn't lower my stat it was just the first turn