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Well as of now we don't know many cheats other than what's on the internet. Remember the 3ds is a lot harder to hack than the regular DS, don't expect much.

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There is no set date cheats come out.

Cheats are discovered by hackers such as Smealum, and may or may not be released into the public. It is all up to the hacker's preference.

The 3DS also is much harder to hack than the DS, since it has hack guards and the blue hexagon for a legit Pokemon caught/bred in Kalos in X & Y.

As for now, why don't you play the game without cheats? It's just as fun.

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i have beat the game and i want the pokemon i can get
Actually, the blue hexagon is just to mark whether the Pokemon was caught or hatched within the Kalos region
Cheats are useful for people who don't want to waste their time IV breeding/ EV training and BP grinding.