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Hello !

I am trying to catch Adamant Ariados in Fondant's Safari (Poison with Kakuna and Ariados).
I've tried a kajillion of times, and I keep on catching 20 Bashful Ariados.
So my question: Are Pokémons in the Friend Safari's natures predetermined ?

A) Nope, you unlucky lol :D
B) Yes. Say, Fondant puts in his/her PSS Profile that his/her nature is Bashful, and this will affect his Safari.
C) Why in the world are you trying to catch an Ariados ?! ಠ_ಠ (Jaja, I are looking at ya ಠ_ಠ)

ಠ_ಠ Halp ಠ_ಠ D:

I vote C :P
'Cuz I wanna us one in-game and train it to level 100 :O
Always so funny ... :)
Are you leading with something that has Synchronise? From personal experience, I can say that all of my catches in the Friend Safari had random natures, so I think you're just (really) unlucky.
Also Ariados is pitiful use a Galvantula instead.
The only synchronise lead I can use is level 15 Timid Ralts and this is not gonna halp me finding le Adamant Ariados.
I wanna level 100 Ariados. Just for the fun of it.
Hmmm then I think you're just really unlucky in that case. I've never had more than two or three catches in a row with the same nature, but I can't say I paid much attention PSS profiles.
Me is unlucky today :(

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nope, you are unlucky lol :D

according to this guy can you have all natures, however:
(WARNING! this is just a theory from a guy and might be invalid)some natures may be set over other so lets say you are trying to catch a adamant ariados. the game may have set bashful to 50% and adamant to 10% and the remaining percents to the other. that might be right especially if you have catcher 20 bashfully in a row. forget everything I said except for the first five words. it might be incorrect
(spoiler ends here)

hope I helped:)

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OK thank you ;)
One solution is that you could just get a female one and breed it with a male Pokemon that's in the same egg group, has Adamant & is holding an Everstone.
I know, thanks :)
My suggestion seemed more condescending than it really was; I just meant that if you're desperate, then that's one way. |D
Thinking wise, I believe that most natures works in-game, so no need to desperate.