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A long while ago (a few years ago actually) I was on the GTS on my platinum version trading, and I had a level 100 charizard that I offered for a mew of any level. To my surprise I got a level 100 shiny mew, from japan.
It seems to have come from Hoenn
on the Pokemon info it is of a sassy nature,
"after a long travel through time "
fateful encounter
Capable of taking hits...

So far without question I've transferred this mew from Platinum to Soulsilver, then finally to Black Version along with a select few Pokemon I have a connection with (because I got these being I was still in elementary school and its all nostalgia)
And with the awaiting of Pokemon bank to come out since now I wish to countinue my transfering and send those same Pokemon to my X version game, I want to make sure that none of the shinys I got off the GTS when I was younger are hacked.
Among the mew I was also traded a level 93 female shiny Charizard (which I received as a level 10 charmander), Level 70 shiny Shaymin, level 100 shiny lugia,

Thanks for you time <3

What are you asking?
duh fuq do you want and answer too?
I think he wants to know if the shinies are legit.
But where is the question?
"I want to make sure none of the shinys I got off the GTS when I was younger are hacked"
He may  be asking if there is a way to tell if they are hacked or not...
This is rather harsh down voting him, he's only been a member for an hour!
Hey man I'm sorry I didn't make the question clear...I was asking if there was a way to tell if they were legit. It was safe to say that this was helpful and I discovered that my Mew was indeed legit. However, my Lugia wasn't.

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Assuming your asking how to tell if your Pokemon is hacked, a way to do this is to put the Pokemon over the GTS.

The GTS is ran by Game Freak, and therefore they scan the Pokemon to make sure it's legitimate. They will happily let you put the Pokemon over the GTS, or they will not let you do it because it is illegitimate, or hacked.

I can tell this Mew is very sentimental, so just ask for an impossible trade like 'Zekrom Lv. 9 Under' or something like that to make sure that the Pokemon will not be traded. Of course, the Pokemon will only be up for like three seconds before you take it down.

Basically, if it can get on the GTS, it can get onto PokeBank.
Shiny Mews have been possible to get, clicking here you'll see.

Hope I helped. :)
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I would suggest doing what the guy who posted before me is suggesting you do with the GTS. There's a pretty good chance that it was hacked, as there aren't very many people who'd trade Shiny Mew for even a Lvl. 100 Charizard (unless he somehow got the ability to catch Mew via Mystery Gift on Emerald and reset the game thousands of times to get a Shiny Mew and then used the Battle Tower glitch to copy it). Even if it is hacked, there isn't a guarantee that it's dangerous, but it's definitely not worth taking the risk.

As a side note, you've had some pretty darn good karma getting that many Shiny legendaries just like that.

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