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Crobat Lv72(Inflicter):
Poison Fang (Status)
Bite (If confused blocked this will trouble them)
Confuse Ray(If flinching won't this will riskily protect him)
Air Cutter (Main Attacker with a Critical-Hit combo)

Slacking Lv58(Trump card)
Slash (Main Attacker with a Critical Hit Combo)
Flamethrower (Status and Move Coverage)
Faint Attack (Won't Miss and Move Coverage)
Slack Off (Healing)

Gardevior Lv66(Special Attacker)
Confusion (Don't know why I put this, but it was strong)
Thunderbolt (Move Coverage and Strong)
Hypnosis (Sleep, but I still hope for spore)
Dream Eater (Healing and Goodbye ...if he was sleeping)

Walerin Lv51 (Wall)
Surf (Who on the world do not like this?)
Hail (Hurt a little but crucial)
Ice Ball (Don't Laugh, but strong as Rollout)
Body Slam (Status Infliction)

Heracross Lv65 (Attacker)
Megahorn (DEADLY!!!)
Horn Attack(Actually strong)
Counter (Crucial hit)
Brick Break (Great move)

Flygon Lv55 (Defensive Interrupter)
Fly (Thunder is useless for him)
Dig (Earthquake or Magnitude is useless for him)
Faint Attack (...Attack)
Dragonbreath (Status Inflict)

I'm happy I become the champ, but could you think it could be better?


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I Guess I should start with Crobat:
Crobat: HERE is a Gen III Status Crobat:
Poison Fang: :)....
Confuse Ray: Hurt Yourself Fool!
Giga Drain/Shadow Ball: Giga for Healing but only if your Crobats SA is Decent. Or Shadow Ball for some Coverage.
Aerial Ace/Air Cutter: Screw Those Double Team noobs, Die or Crit Ratio!

How Bout:
Hyper Beam: STAB and and doesnt need to Charge.
Ice Beam: Coverage
Earthquake: Coverage.
Salk Off/Flamethrower/Thunderbolt: Healing/Coverage..

Gardevoir: This Was MY Gen III Moveset.. Its amazing.:
Hypnosis: Sleep..
Psychic: No Dream Eater because this hits whether their asleep or not.
Thunderbolt: Coverage..
Calm Mind: Tank...

Surf: Der Duh Der..
Toxic: You want a Wall Walrein(no pun intended), every wall needs toxic. Stall out your foes!
Ice Beam: Better than Ice ball as it has Higher Acc and A Chance to Freeze.
Body Slam/Earthquake: Paralysis, or Coverage.

Brick Break: :)
Megahorn: :0
Earthquake: Death:)
Rock Tomb/Counter: ..

Flygon: Hmmm, For a Defensive Flygon Yours is Good, However I would replace either Fly or Dig for Toxic so That you use toxic, then fly or dig away, while your underground, they lose hp from toxic:)

That was a lot of typing..

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There are a few things, but the only thing I will mention here at the moment is that your Slaking doesn't have Hyper Beam. In Gen 3 Hyper Beam is awesome on Slaking because he still only has to miss one turn (which he does anyway) so that means he gets a powerful attack with no extra handicaps.