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I would like a list of in-game trade locations if you could please do that. Yes, gen5 was so 3 months ago but I don't care.

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Well there are tons to choose from
Route 4 Cottonee/Petilil
Route 7 you get a Gigalith for a Emolga
Humilau city You get a Tangrowth exchange for a Mantine
Route 15 Rotom for a Ditto
Aculmula city a Ambipom for a Excadrill, Alazkazam for a Hippowdon
and there is also the Yancy/Curtis trades

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Along with the those that PikaMaster mentioned,there are a few more.If you return the dopped item to Curtis/ Nancy(depends on your gender),and call the about fifty times,they will arrange one trade every day.For the Pokemon they give you look here ---> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Yancy

Hope I helped!

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