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It is just so it makes sense to fans. To the players the type is new, so I guess they made it so that everything in the game says the Fairy type is new rather than old to avoid confusion.

And besides, what evidence is there to prove that the Fairy type is old to those in the Kalos region? It is possible that it has always existed, but it has taken until now for them to discover it.

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They call it new because fairy types have never been seen until Generation 6 came out. Its like saying that mega evolutions are new even though it isn't new to them. They say they're new because you might have never seen a fairy type Pokemon before.

Yeah but how do they know I'm knew to the kalos region? And I know that they are knew.
Also, can you give a fairy type to someone from the previous generations by trade?
No you can't. :/
ok, thanks