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Grass Knot - coverage
Nasty Plot - ...
Discharge - STAB, quite strong, accurate, 30% chance to paralyze
Double Team - everlasting sweeping!

Light Ball
maxed SAtt, HP, Spe

Attract and Swagger are very effective on Pikachu. Replace Double with one of these two utilities.

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I don't think Nasty plot is a good idea. Pikachu's defenses are way too low, you don't have time to set up...so you have to go straight into sweeping. Same for double team, you'd be taking a big risk, as it really doesn't start to take effect until about the third use. (It's also banned in competitive battling, so you wouldn't be able to use it.)

Well, thanks. And, about rules of tournaments...I just don't care
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I think that is good.

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If you want to breed:

Volt Tackle (STAB, Huge Power, Great Accuracy, Recoil Damage, however)

Grass Knot (Gets rid off Ground Weakness)

Iron Tail (Good Power, Decent Accuracy, 30% chance lower opponents defence by 1 stage)

Thunder Wave (For paraizing, very useful in some battles)

this would be better if you replacedthunder wave with thundershock or thunderbolt, as these do not only do damage, but they have a chance of paralisis and you can train them to be very strong, as i trained my thundershock to do 150 damage.
If you have thunder wave, how about nuzzle instead?
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Grass knot-grass knot can be very usefull most ground types are heavy

nasty plot-boost

t-bolt\discharge-STAB both are great

double team-good sweeping

Same as mine (except Thunderbolt)