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There is only 1 new Ghost type moves and 11 new Fire type moves


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Ghost types are already pretty powerful. The fire type pokemon really got screwed over in Generation IV because of Stealth Rock...If you had a fire type, you had to base your whole strategy around dealing with that one move. They want all the types to be pretty balanced, so nobody uses just one kind of pokemon, so they included several new bug, grass, and steel types, all of which, are weak to Fire. If fire pokemon have an advantage against more pokemon, it will even out the game a bit.

Their original concept for game balance was to use a move called, "Iceberg", which was basically an ice-type Stealth Rock. However, Game Freak never utilized this, seeing as it would shut down all the 600 Dragons, and Rayquaza would be a joke.

Instead, they thought, "Instead of dumbing down the power of the dragons, let's power up everyone else!". And so, they decided to give Dark, Psychic, Fire, Bug, Poison, and Ghost-types all huge improvements.