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Does Reflect or Light Screen lessen Psyshock's damage?

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Considering that Psyshock is a special move that attacks based upon the target's defence?

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Psyshock is affected by Light Screen. If a screen is set up before
opponent's move, the damage will be reduced. Critical hits ignore
Reflect's/Light Screen's effect. Note that in Doubles, a screen raises
(special) defense by 33% not 50%.

Although people might think reflect is the one that affects light screen, psychock is still a special move and is affected by light screen
Light Screen doesn't raise special defense; it halves damage taken from special attacks, and Psyshock is a special attack. It just happens that it calculates damage based on your own special attack stat against the opponent's physical defense.

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Okay wait; does anyone have more sources? Because right now it's conflicting. Smogon seems to indicate that it's Light Screen that lessens Psyshock's damage but it's not very clear about it. Source nr.2 that was everything i could find. It could be that meta is right, but im 98% sure it's light screen
That link actually does make a good point; Light Screen's description is that it halves the damage taken from special moves, it doesn't raise your sp. defence, & because Psyshock is a special move, its damage is halved by Light Screen.
Yeah, what i added in my answer also because i really liked that point
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It would lessen with reflect because the attack psyshock is based on your opponents defense so reflect would work best.


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Do you have a source?
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