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ypu may have understood what my concern is
and I request only th people who know exactly to answer
when I was putting some photos in the 3ds memomry cardi saw something which may be the game data
it is about formatting the system and I surely will remember to remove the card and memory card regardless
so please could you confirm whethe they are stored in the system or not and if the data is stored on the mc then does it later bother to play a game on a new or formatted 3ds I know the safaris and friend codes will matter
and also the last thing does your friend code change after formatting


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This should help you.

The Game Data is saved on the Game Card itself. This explains why you can hop from 3DS to 3DS with the same cartridge and have the same progress on both 3DSes.

And your Friend Code does change after formatting. Some people do this just for Ditto Safaris.

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