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Dedenne isn't a strong Pokemon but I was wondering how to get one with a beneficial nature if possible so it cket hold its own in battle

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There is always friend safarai witch will always grant 3iv's or more
and there is also breeding witch can give you egg moves natures iv's and ev's and shinies
with some effort put into it.
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OK thanks snow
*2ivs. Not 3
and also its chance to get 3 ivs
2 IVs and sometimes 3 but then no more, sometimes decreased IVs
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The best natures would either Timid or Modest both decrease Attack, but I recommend Timid as it boosts Speed as it is its highest Stat.

Hope I Helped

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OK thanks a lot I'll try that just haven't got a friend safari with dedenne in it
Charizardtrainer i have a dedenne in my friend safari my fc is on my profile
Thanks mine is on my profile
What's your name to put it in
it's Ozzy
Have you registered me
Yes, go online and it will be there
Done thanks
Btw check your wall on your profile
Already got zekrom soz  why the weekend
Now all I want is a shaymin and all I have to trade is celebi
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Friend safari gives you decent Pokemon, talking about that, I have a dedenne in my friend safari.

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