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My liron knows :

iron tail-STAB powerfull

iron defence-yeah bring it on !

dig-a decent replacement for e-quake just for now

take dowen-with the abilety of rock head

A wall is supposed to inflict status ailments then stall
He might've actually meant the idea of a Tank, but maybe Charizard wants our opinions before he does anything, or to prepare for Lairon's evolution, since Aggron's movepool changes a little from aron's and lairon's.

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SANDSTORM (Really helps deal a little extra damage. Watch the target though, some aren't affected, and even benefit from a Sandstorm)

TOXIC (Definitely)

PROTECT (Works in synergy with Toxic)

DIG / MUD-SLAP (One Earthquake may KO you anyway, so why not use Dig to benefit the stall? May seem kinda pointless though, if you invested time into Iron Defense. Mud-Slap is a lot weaker than Dig, but the Accuracy loss helps immensely with stalling)

Holding Leftovers will really help out this Aggron set. =)