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Swampert-e-quake,waterfall,surf,ice beam

camrupt-overheat,rock slide,e-quake,strangth

alteria (evolved jsut now)-supe power,fly,arielace,d-breath

slaking-hyper beam,e-quake,slack off,bulk up

flygon-d-claw,fire blast,e-quake,crunch

agron-double-edge,iron tail,e-quake,protect

and I want to add these 2 pokemon to the team for veritey :

milotic-ice beam,hydro pump,>>>?<<<,>>>?<<<

dusklops-shadow ball and other moves that I don't know

so any suggestions for improve ? and movesets ?


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Yes, very good indeed.^^ I would suggest swapping alteria with dusclops because alteria would have a 4x disadvantage against ice moves and you already have one dragon pokemon. Also I would suggest you try to make sure your pokemon could defeat every possible type. Is there any reasons why most of your pokemon know earthquake?