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Ok, so i've fought Diantha numerous times with Yveltal, and after yet another League run I have decided to ask, what would happen if Diantha's Gardevoir traced Yveltal's Dark Aura? One Dark aura by itself increases the power of all Dark-type attacks by 33%, so would it stack if two Dark Auras were to be put into play?

enter image description here

I thought it had synchronize :|
It seems not according to the below link but it doesn't seem like a trustworthy source.
Well whatson Gardevoir has synchronize as well as trace as abilities, but yveltal's main and ONLY ability is Dark Aura
A Pokemon can't have two abilities?
Of course a Pokemon can have two abilities, Yveltal just doesn't, not even a hidden, right?

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Yes it appears so
While this may not be right, it seems Showdown has it as the Dark Aura boosts are able to stack.

Synchronise Specs Gardevoir using HP Dark against a Yveltal
Damage varied between 11-13% roughly

Dark Aura (Traced) Specs Gardevoir using HP Dark against a Yvelta (Same evs and everything)
Damage varied between 15-17% roughly

Now I just got an insane battle strategy: If Yveltal could learn Entrainment one could use it to take advantage of the stacking of Dark Aura in double battles. The flaws are pretty big, though....

Thanks for that anyway.