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Ok I have a selection of level 100s and I want help deciding which 6 are best. I may want ye to suggest a move or to but I'll indicate if I do want some suggestions. Also item suggestions would be great too!!!

Moveset: Earthquake, Waterfall, hammer arm, Avalanche(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP340 ATT252 DEF262 SP.ATT201 SP.DEF204 SPEED185

Moveset: Return, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Sucker punch
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP224 ATT322 DEF162 SP.ATT95 SP.DEF252 SPEED212

Moveset: Return, X-Scissor, Dig, Aerial Ace
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP259 ATT299 DEF135 SP.ATT134 SP.DEF130 SPEED315

Moveset: Surf, Ice Beam, Return, Brick Break
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP269 ATT147 DEF196 SP.ATT192 SP.DEF178 SPEED183

Moveset: Surf, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, Drill Peck
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP315 ATT227 DEF212 SP.ATT271 SP.DEF211 SPEED153

Moveset: Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Psychic, Giga Drain
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP302 ATT223 DEF213 SP.ATT301 SP.DEF178 SPEED204

Moveset: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP286 ATT204 DEF207 SP.ATT242 SP.DEF189 SPEED287

Moveset: Thunderpunch, Ice punch, Sky Uppercut,
(I need another move, can it learn any ghoest, bug or dark type move to take town psychic types)
Stats:HP239 ATT282 DEF230 SP.ATT81 SP.DEF232 SPEED176

Moveset: Superpower, X-Scissor, Iron Head, Aerial Ace
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP279 ATT294 DEF243 SP.ATT142 SP.DEF201 SPEED173

Moveset: Focus Punch, Substitute, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP303 ATT218 DEF166 SP.ATT170 SP.DEF172 SPEED270

Moveset: Earthquake, Iron Tail, Seed Bomb, Stone Edge
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP342 ATT264 DEF266 SP.ATT162 SP.DEF234 SPEED157

Moveset: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Sandstorm
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP354 ATT319 DEF238 SP.ATT183 SP.DEF200 SPEED292

Moveset: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, Aerial Ace
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP323 ATT354 DEF251 SP.ATT218 SP.DEF243 SPEED166

Moveset: Thunderpunch, Ice punch, Fire punch, Qutrage(With presim berry)
(I'm happy with that movest)
Stats:HP317 ATT323 DEF266 SP.ATT242 SP.DEF234 SPEED207

Lastly which pokemon should I put first???

What kind of team do you want?
Well I'm looking for the best team but I would like it to be evenly balanced. e.g. I have 3 bug types they don't have a chance against fire, I have 3 water types they won't have a chance against grass, so I'm looking for the best team in your opinion but as I said I would like to have different types not all the same, do you get what I'm saying???

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Ummm if your looking at competitive battling im sorry but this team needs a fair amount of work. A lot of your pokemon are good ou pokemon. i.e. Swampert, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Scizor, and Empoleon. However they all have moveset problems.

Empoleon [email protected]
Stealth Rock
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Aqua Jet

This is relatively simple Stealth Rock is key to the metagame. The combo of Hydro Pump and aqua Jet is deadly. Ice Beam is mainly to stop Dragonite from setting up.

Scizor Revenge [email protected] Band
Bullet Punch
Bug Bite
Aerial Ace

Please tell me your scizor has technician, if not this moveset sucks. Scizor is a great revenge killer, with its priority bulletpunch. bug bite>X-scissor.

Swampert [email protected]

If you didnt know Curse lowers your speed but raises your attack and defense. Basically it makes Swampert not only bulky but a great attacker.

Dragonite Dragon [email protected]
Dragon Dance
Outrage or Dragon claw

Dragonite is practically unstoppable if you can get set up, once you get one or two Dragon Dances it can go to happy sweep time. if you can get three or four there is nothing that can stop it barring focus sash whirlwind.

[email protected] Scarf
Stone Edge
Aqua Tail

What else is there to say about this. tyranitar is bulky enough to survive even Starmie's Surf and Crunch it to death, choice scarf guarantees that it outspeeds a lot of pokes.

Starmie [email protected] Orb
Ice Beam
Grass Knot

You need a special sweper on your team and starmie is the man when it comes to just that. It outspeeds anything not scarfed and it packs a fairly hard punch as well. You could use your yanmega here, but it's not recommended because with stealth rock up it takes 50% damage upon switching in.

Ok I don't agree with some of these suggestions!!!

Firstly, Why give empoleon two water type attacks, this is only a waist, aqua jet is weak, since its physical and only does 40 damage and also hydropump is inaccurate!!! Stealth rock??? Why would you not give him drill peak it deals with one of its weaknessess aka fighting types!!!

Why give scizor bullet punch??? It always hits first ya but iron head would do twice the amount of damage, and also bug bite does 60 damage, X-Scissor 80, the only difference then is that bug bite might eat the opponents berry.

Swampert, I kind of agree with you curse is nearly as good I will have to think about it!!! And PS:I knew all about curse just never thought of it!!!

Dragonites moveset is good but where are you going without fire punch, I use dragon dance, opponent uses ice beam, theres dragonite gone. Ice type attacks do x4 damage to dragonites Its a good idea for a moveset though

Why take aerial ace away from tyranitar??? Again fighting types do x4 damage to tyranitars also!!!

Starmies are great I agree and I will pay attention to that fact but I was picking them from my 14, also I feel you have picked many water types, heres another disadvantage.

PS:I did say I was happy with all the movesets appart from hitmonchan!!!
Im going to address your comments one by one so that I make myself clear. On the Hydro Pump and Aqua Jet combo; Hydro Pump is a strong move, but its not going to OHKO a lot of things instead a lot of lead i.e. Metagross, Heatran, and Azelf are going to be left with very little health. ut these are all faster pokes so all you have to do is priority aqua jet and they are dead. Aqua Jet also makes fast work of Aerodactyl and Infernape.

Second Scizor is not that bulky or fast so he OHKO'd by basically any fire fighting or strong attack.

Third with technician Bug bite is base 90 STAB where as X-scissor is only a base 80 STAB.

I have been battling with Draagin Dance Dnite and if you make him bulky enough he will survive one ice move, admittedly if you run into starmie you will have to switch but switching is a huge part of battling

Fifth, Why did I take arial Ace away from tyranitar? Lets see the only pokes that are actually going to use a fighting move are scizor, Infernape, and Gengar. Scizor takes neutral damage from Aerial Ace. Infernape is OHKO'd Earthquake or Aqua Tail. And you should counter Gengar with Crunch.

If you really hate Starmie you could replace it with Zapdos which does basically the same job its just a little slower.
Ok I take some of the points and yes my scizor has technichan. And one last question where do you get the examples your saying like gengar, scizor, infernape??? Like theres plenty of other examples that could deal lots of damage to tyranitar e.g.machamp with no guard!!!
I got all of my notes from a combination of smogon.com and being a 4th gen comp battler, for nearly a year.
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Moveset: Aeriel Ace, CloseCombat, Roost, Brave Bird.

You need a good flying type.

Staraptor rules!!!

You should replace Swampert's Waterfall with Aqua Tail.
No as I said I'm happy with swamperts moveset, anyway waterfall is more accurate and may cause flinching!!!