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Oh, wow...
My Togepi evolved at Level 2...

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Because it isn't happy enough. Togepi needs happiness to evolve, so its happiness level simply isn't high enough despite its high level.

You can do the following things to increase happiness according to Bulbapedia:

  • Walk 128 steps with the Pokemon on your team
  • Give it a massage in Cyllage City
  • Using Vitamin items
  • Level up the Pokemon
  • Have it destroy a Soothing Bag in Super Training
  • Use Pokemon-Amie a bit
  • Use EV-lowering berries

You should avoid letting it faint as that decreases happiness. Using bitter herbs like the Revival Herb decreases happiness in other Generations, though Bulbapedia doesn't list it as one of the things that lowers happiness in X and Y. You should still avoid them though, as Bulbapedia may be just be missing the info.

Once its happiness is high enough, it will evolve into Togetic the next time it levels up.

I do everything on that, my Togepi's happiness must be so high but it's not evolving :'(
Go to the Pokemon Fan Club building in Laverre City. There's a person in there that will evaluate the happiness of one of your pokemon. Have that person look at the Togepi and they should say either *"You must really like your Togepi and always keep it by your side!" * or *"It's amazingly friendly toward you! It must be so happy spending every day with you!"*

If you get that, you have enough happiness to evolve on level up. If not, do what fizz suggests and try again in a bit.
Also, you might want to check it isn't holding an Eviolite. It probably isn't, but just in case!
I believe the amount of happiness you need to evolve it is about 30 off the maximum amount you can get, so it will take some time. Possibly you haven't levelled up Togepi in a while and that is why it seems like it is taking a long time? Train it a bit, you might be surprised.
Oh and Meloetta, Everstone, not Eviolite :3
i wasn't bothered reading everything so I'm not sure if someone has stated it but something as simple as not noticing an everstone on it can ruin your day
i can't believe I made that mistake...