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I saw a picture on Facebook of a tweet of Pokemon saying that Mega Mew is real. So is this true or is it fake? Don't take any notice of the filler part.

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this was a rumor a time before the official release of the games. some people stated they had found leaked information about the mega evolution of mew and spread images:
enter image description here
enter image description here
it was a roumor that was around for a long time until
a hacker revealed diance, hoop, volcanion and mega evolutions of [email protected], but he didn't found the evolution of mew, so it was proven false

Dat Mega Mew tho.
I really hope that's not what Mega Mew actually looks like. If they ever make one they should at least keep what we love about it. It must still be cute. Mess up that one requirement and you ruin the whole Pokémon.  The little guy above has two things that show he is not real. It isn't cute. More importantly, it isn't smiling. Never have I seen Mew look serious. Sad and worried perhaps; but never serious.
Plus the mega wouldn't be THAT close a copy.
I think this mega mew is still cute, but it should be smiling, at least a bit.
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In this video there is a mega mew and that the hacker has made all correct predictions so far.However, in the comments they say that it might be hacked just like mega latios/latias.But it could also be a fake.Maybe it will be released in the future.Here is a list of all the mega evolutions.

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There is no such thing as Mega Mew but there is a Mega Mewtwo X & Y!

Mega Mewtwo X enter image description here

Mega Mewtwo Y enter image description here

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