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Not that it is really necessary, because as far as I can tell the only good way to use a Ditto competitively is with the ability Imposter, and holding a Choice Scarf.

However, I went looking for it, largely because I was bored and wanted to see if there was any other way to use a Ditto competitively. But, I couldn't find it. So is there one or not?


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Nah no best moveset for Ditto. Just went through every moveset question on the site and stuff.

On the other hand here's Smogon's analysis of Ditto. Oh wait they only have one moveset too :3

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thanks. I wondered if I just missed it or something. On the other hand, at least Smogon agrees with me on the best way to use a Ditto.
Ditto is adorable. It totally deserves a movese tpage and shtuff. :D
"Best way to use a Ditto", there's only one way to use it to begin with.
It might be good in Doubles - it can Transform into your ally!? xD

I dunno I know nothing about competitive but that's my guess. :P