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I need critique on my Diamond Team.

Luxray/Metagross/Flygon (I can't decide.)
Luxray: Crunch, Charge Beam, Sleep Talk, Iron Tail
Metagross: Take Down, Flash Cannon, Psychic, Rock Smash
Flygon: SonicBoom, DragonBreath, Supersonic, Sandstorm

Thunder, Surf, Dragon Dance, Hyper Beam

Spikes, Sucker Punch, Focus Blast, Needle Arm

Toxic, Flamethrower, Night Slash, Explosion

Quick Attack, Brave Bird, Fly, Steel Wing

Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Blast Burn, Grass Knot


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I would suggest switching staraptor with flygon and choose Metagross to make your team better because 2 flying types means more weaknesses towards your team. Okay, moveset time.

Gyarados-he has more attack, so stick with physical moves
Dragon Dance-attack and speed increase
Earthquake-for electric types

Cacturne and Skuntank have great movesets, kudos to you

Metagross-one of the switched pokemon
Agility-speed increase
Meteor Mash-STAB
Earthquake-for fire types
Zen Headbutt/Explosion-choose between one, STAB and to cause major damage when you are about to faint

Flygon-switched Staraptor with it
Dragon Claw-STAB and for dragon types
Fire Punch-for ice types
Attract-to cause Infatuation
SuperSonic-to cause confusion

Infernape is good, but switch Blast Burn with Thunderpunch for water and flying types.

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Gyarados: Yeah that works, but I like variety in his moves, meaning I don't like two dragon moves.

Cacturne & Skuntank: Thanks!

Metagross: First, this is Diamond, so move tutor is unavailable and I can't get Zen Headbutt, can I? Second, I don't like to replace TM moves unless I can get more of the TM.

Flygon: I want to replace Supersonic with something else, so she can do some ground attacks.

Infernape: As mentioned above, the move tutor is unavailable in Diamond.

Thanks for the opinion, I'll think about it.
Metagross can learn Zen headbutt by leveling up
And I think Thunderpunch can be an egg move as well
Teach Gyarados ice fang I guess(not going to be powerful)
Teach Flygon earthquake.