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  1. Do shiny get any kind of power boost or is it just for looks?

  2. Are grass types worth using because grass moves are not very effective to 7 types and only super effective to 3 also 5 types are super effective to grass and 4 types are not very effective against grass is their any reason I should use them at all?

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  1. Shiny is only looks
  2. Grass types are worth it as water/ground Pokemon cause a lot of trouble eg:- swampert and gastrodon, and grass types can absorb spore leech seed and other spore based moves!

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  1. No. The only thing different about Shinies is their appearance; they are no stronger and no weaker.
    In Generation 2, however, since Shininess was determined by IVs, Shiny Pokemon were forced to have certain IVs, which can have a detrimental effect if you want perfect IVs.
  2. There are reasons to use every type. Although Grass has a high number of weaknesses, it packs key resistances to common Electric and Ground moves like Thunderbolt and Earthquake. Grass is also a good defensive typing; being super effective on three types isn't bad! Dragon is only super effective on itself and Normal hits nothing super effectively, for example.

Also, if you have two questions, post them separately so we can vote questions properly.

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