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Does PokeGen still work?

it does but you cant hack actual gen 6 pokmon. since i dont hack and frankly hate hacking, i wont answer
My question is can I directly transfer the pokemon to my game from pokegts
i believe you can (alot of people on chat hack directly into XY), but as i said i dont hack so i cant know for sure
Thanks. I don't hack for the Pokemon. I usually hack a Magikarp with the Item I need for a specific Pokemon. I feel the Battle Maison is a waste of time.

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Poke gen does work, but you can't trade the hacks you made

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Source: hacking my x ( not my y)

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Can I use pokegts?
No Nintendo had to deal with that for years. In x and y know how the gts is on the pss and not in the pokemon center? They did that to prevent the use of fake pokemon. So no pokegts doesn't work