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I was playing X and I was farming torchic eggs . I then challenged A few people and I ran acroos one with shiny dialgia shiny darkri and shiny genesect. I played with him I thiml 2 or 3 ti es. When I got bacl to my pc box I had more boxes than normal was my accou t hacked I really do not know because they werent there before I was farmin was this because I hatched a few eggs or is it beacause I was hacked plz answer I am ocd so stuff like this drives me crazy


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No. Once all boxes are filled up with at least one Pokemon, the next time you go onto the pc there will be more boxes


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I trust yoy but Im not for sure if I had a pokemon in every box
Wat wss your  backgorund for your boxes to the left of the box 1 or are th ey different for eack player
Im pretty sure this is the only reason you had more boxes
Alright thanx one more question I trust yoy but if it wss which is slim to nothin but if it was could my 3ds xl  be hurt in any way?
Nope. This is perfectly normal and safe