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Wooper is generally poor for LC. it does have some niches, Unaware can help tank out Pawnjard a little more than say Mudkip. And Water Absorb is a nice Immunity. But otherwise, nope. i may answer later tho.

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Wooper generally serves as a tank. 25 HP is nothing to laugh at, and it sports a wonderful 21 Defense with a boosting nature (Impish) and Eviolite. Even though it is slow, it can stall using Toxic + Recover alongside its utilization of its 14 Attack with the aforementioned nature in the forms of Earthquake and either Waterfall or Ice Punch. It can also utilize Encore to help other teammates set up and use its two immunities (Water & Ground with Water Absorb) to nullify attacks from threats in the tier, such as Carvanha, Chinchou, Tirtouga, and Omanyte.

However, a 4x grass weakness and a small movepool limit Wooper to being C-Rank in the current metagame.

>C Rank: Reserved for Pokemon that have notable niches in the LC metagame, but have just as notable flaws that prevent them from being effective. Pokemon in the C tier often require significant support to be effective in LC. C rank Pokemon tend to face a lot of competition with the more commonly used Pokemon.

Wooper @ Eviolite
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Impish (^Def vSpAtk)
EVs: 236 HP, 76 Atk, 156 Def
- Earthquake
- Recover
- Toxic
- Waterfall / Ice Punch / Encore?

Ice Punch Wooper hurts my barin.