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I'm playing Pokemon Black. I have the Pokemon Boldore and I want it to evolve into Gigalith. It says it evolves by trading. Who do you trade with and what do you trade? How does it work?


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You don't have to trade with anyone specific, but I'd recommend a friend or someone that you can trust. to evolve the boldore, you put the boldore up for trade on the trade screen, then they put up any Pokemon, when they are ready you trade with them, they get your boldore, you obtain the Pokemon that they traded to you. then, the boldore will evolve on the other players screen, and then they give you the newly-evolved gigalith back, and BOOM! you got yourself a gigalith!


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Thanks! Very helpful :)
There is another way in Black to get Gigalith. Get a Emolga go to the house ( after Skylas gym I think) and get gigalith
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Get a buddy or someone you trust and get into a trade with them. Offer your Boldore and have them offer anything, it doesnt matter what they give you. After the trade is finish your Boldore will evolve on their screen, have them trade back your new Gigalith.