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I mean like how there is only one Arceus.

I want to know because Jirachi only appears every 1000 years, so how many Jirachi exist?

And a little extra question, how does Jirachi wishes work? In the anime Jirachi teleports things from other places in order to grant the wish. Is this really how it would work? And can you wish for more then just one thing?

I'm a very curious person :3

And on a side note i'd like a mod or editor to retag my question, I wasnt sure how else to tag the question :P

I would re-tag your question but tagging serves little use in all honesty :P

I don't know the answer to your question but I can remind you that the manga, anime and games are not cannon with each other.
Yeah I know that, I mainly focus on the facts of the games. But I also like to think of anime and manga as backup even though they aren't connected. But sometimes you notice that the pokedex descriptions from in the games reference things from the anime, such as Hypno.
"Legendary" pokemon can appear many times throughout an anime, even if they are one of a kind. the Gen 4 anime had 3 different Darkai (One in the movie, 1 attacked a city and one was owned by a trainer during the big championship battles)

We can't really combine sources like this. According to games, there is only one of each legendary in the world. But even then you can get as many as you want in trades.
I'm pretty sure that some Pokemon such as the legendary bird trio from gen 1 have multiples, though it might make sense that there is only one due to the inability to breed, but manaphy? :P
Pata according to the games, every Pokemon is infinite. (as Stay_Silent said, you can get as many Pokemon as you want in trades) so imo the question should be:
"According to the Pokemon Anime and manga storyline, what Pokemon is there only one of in existence?"
No, that would be incorrect. The games have the ability for all of the Pokemon games to have every Pokemon in exitence up to whatever gen the game is, making everything infinite. But the Pokemon you trade and recieve has nothing to do with the Pokemon story.

Sure, it's possible to fill your PC with 100 Arceus is you want to, but whether it was hacked or traded.. it still doesn't effect the storyline of the games. If I were to make my own Pokemon generation and game and completely make a legit story that fully matches the storyline of other Pokemon games I'd be sure to make cool Pokemon that there would only one of, but if hacking or trading you can get as many as you want. Does that mean I made the storyline of the game so that all of the Pokemon from that generation are infinite?


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The only one Pokemon in existing are the following

Maybe-Xernes and Yveltal but its not easy to tell


Firstly, Jirachi can make 3 wishes come true.

It awakens for 7 days in 1000 years when its "friend" is found
-The "friend" was filled by Max in then anime, by the way
Also Jirachi teleports to grant 3 wishes because logically it would be hard for Jirachi to whizz around the world granting 3 wishes- it never really says anything in the movies

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Actually, an event in HG/SS with arceus would allow you to hatch one pokemon of choice from the creation trio. So there is actually more than one of either Giratina,Dialga, or Palkia. I don't think there has been any confimation to a storyline of which pokemon was actually to be chosen by Gold. :P