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fire blast
sacred fire

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To mny fire moves :

sacred fire\flamethrower-STAB

sunny day-start things up

solarbeam-no charge


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You can do the set up top, but this set could work as well for your weaknesses and your set has too many Fire type moves.....

Earthquake/Earth Power-for Rock and Electric types
Sacred Fire-STAB
Future Sight/Psychic-Coverage
Recover/Calm Mind-to heal yourself or to raise your stats

Shock wave is also an option so you can damage Water types. If you choose this, replace Recover/Calm Mind

Hope this helps..........

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I would say
-Sacred Fire
-Brave Bird

Ho-oh is a good physical sweeper, it's only two downsides are that 4x SR weakness and, when roosting, he is very vulnerable to earthquake.

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NIC3! I love the whole set!