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I've looked every where for Suicune but I can't find Suicune.

Please tell me a list of the places where you find Suicune.

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First,you meet him in the basement of the brass tower with the other 3 legendary dogs,then in the north of Cianwood City,then on the outside of Mt.Mortar's entrance,after you finish the game and take the ship to Vermilion City,you'll see him as soon as you arrive,then you'll see it on Route 14 on the water,the final time you see him is on Route 25 on the hill outside of Bill's house (now his grandpa's house).if you defeat on Route 25,you'll find him in the Burnt Tower

Thank you sssssoooooo much :) 1 dog down, 2 dogs to go
GREAT, Shxatoap!