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Impish Forretress:physical wall-rapid spin,spikes,sealth rock,explosion

calm dusknoir:mix wall-shadow punch,mean look,dasteny bond,pain split

rash\mild arcanine:mix sweeper-solarbeam,morning sun,sunny day,flareblitz

admant\jolly electivire:physical sweeper-ice punch,thunder punch,cross chop,earthquake

admant metagross:physical tank-explosion,earthquaike,magnet raise,meteor mash

admant torretera:tank-toxic,seed bomb,earthquake,stone ege

i think this team is balanced I don't want to change the movesets and I need natures for torretera metagross and dusknoir

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I'll Redo Your Team To Be Better, while Keping Your Best pokes'.

Starmie: One Of, if not THE Best Special Water Sweepers in the Game. Timid Nature, Rapid Spin, Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

Torterra: Impish/Adamant/Careful/Jolly, Leftovers: Rock Polish/Toxic, Earthquake, Seed Bomb, Stone Edge. In My Opinion Rock Polish is Better Becuase if Terra Dies in One Hit, Having S Edge Cover Alll Your Weaknesses is Pointless. Plus, that'll make him into a Sweeper Tank:) Covers Some Of Starmies Weaknesses.

Your Gonna Like This. Charizard is WAY Better Than Arcanine.
Charizard: Mixed Sweeper: Mild/Rash/Lonely/Naughty:
Earthquake, Sunny Day/ThunderPunch, Solarbeam/Focus Blast, Flamethrower

Forretress: Careful: Toxic Spikes, Explosion, Stealth Rock, Spikes/Rapid Spin

Electrivire: Yours is good.

Umbreon: Careful, Curse, Payback, Toxic, Swagger

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Forretress(Occa Berry;Careful) -
I see you used some of my advices, huh?
Well, you took the moveset to another level but with one problem. The problem is that Toxic Spikes are much better on this moveset than Spikes. Why? Because two layers of those can badly poison the foe when switch in, so it will be WAY more effective.

Dusknoir(Leftovers;Impish/Careful) - No need for Dusknoir on your team. Two walls are too much! But, I'll give you some advices on the moveset anyway. Dusknoir is a defensive beast, so give it moves that would boost his defensive powers greatly. For example, Destiny Bond is useless because Dusknoir is a wall, so give it Will-o-Wisp to burn the foe/Boost your defense.

Arcanine(Heat Rock/Life Orb;Mild) - Great moveset, hope you invested enough EVs in special attack than normal.

Electivire(Choice Scarf;Adamant/Mild(if special is used)) - Standard moves, I would surprise the foe with a Thunderbolt rather that Thunder Punch, but if it's adamant, then you should be good to go.

Mettagross(Life Orb;Adamant) - get rid of Magnet Rise and Explosion and teach it Ice Punch to cover your Ground weakness, and Zen Headbutt for a powerful, physical STAB.

Torterra(Leftovers) - You worked well on the moveset. Great moveset!

So, I think your team will be very good together with a bit of changes on the movesets.

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