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In my game: Pokémon ruby
I've Got evolved my skitty into a delcatty with my moon stone.
And I want to try/use attrackt but I cant.
(Because: there only comes female pokémon, I dont know why)
Please help me

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Is your delcatty male or female?

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So your problem is you have a female Delcatty with Attract, but can't use the move because you only meet female Pokemons? most Pokemons has a gender ratio 50/50, so just keep searching and you should fine male Pokemons. keep in mind that some Pokemons have a higher chance of being female than others and some Pokemon like kangashkan can only be female, so avoid these. thats really everything we can help you with. keep searching and you will find males eventually

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Thanks dr dude
I find it funny that you're searching for guys in video games :3
Demonflygawne it's because I just learned attrackt and I wanted to try it
Next time leave a comment instead of an answer if you want to respond to something, thanks :)