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The question says it all.

For example, lets say a Rattata uses tackle on Scizor with Technician. If Scizor uses Counter, will counter have 150 BP by some strange chance? If Technician raises the Base Power by 50% and Counter doubles the power... or would counter be unaffected as Counter would be 100 BP as to not activate Technician?

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Counter only deals the double of the damage inficted to the user. It is not powered up by any other factor, not even STAB. So yeah, Technician wouldn't be counted in the calculation.

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No. Counter doesn't work like that; all it does is return double the amount of damage that was done to the user of the move; nothing else can change how much damage it does. Since the base power of Tackle is not the base power of Counter, it won't work with Technician. In fact, Counter really doesn't have a base power at all.

>Counter counters all physical moves for twice the damage done to the user. - Bulbapedia

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