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I was breeding Pidoves to try some IV breeding.
I had a 2 IV male with attack and speed and a female pidove with Speed IVs
The male was holding a destiny knot and female was holding a Power Anklet.
I got a female pidove with 1 IV in Speed.
Have I done something wrong ?

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Destiny Knot IV breeding only works in X/Y so if you are using it in previous gens then it won't work.
But if you ARE using the Destiny Knot in X/Y it only passes 5IVs from either parent so it doesn't always transfer the IVs you want, so you have to rely on chance.

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But, with a power anklet it guarantees that the speed is passed on (everstone is pretty much always better thought).
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As far as I can tell, you did nothing wrong.
The destiny knot transfers 5 random IVs from the parents to the offspring, I guess it was just bad luck this time.

Hope I helped.

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Thanks both of you.