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The most basic way to do this is to teach a Male Muk Acid Armor at level 43. Then breed it with a Gastrodon so you get a male Shellos with Acid Armor. Then breed with Dragalgae to get a male Skrelp with Acid Armor then breed that with a Goodra so that your Goomy has Acid Armor.


The source doesn't list the Pokemon I listed, but that is how you find Pokemon with those moves, you have to continuously trace it back until you find a Pokemon who learns the move you want via level up.

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You can do it quicker by getting a phionie to learn it, then breed it onto skrelp, then onto goomy.
It looks like you can, but I don't know why Serebii didn't list Phione. :/
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Get ready for a chain breeding.

You gotta breed a Shellos/Gastrodon with and of the Pokemon here or here. The end result they must be male.

After that's done you gotta catch yourself a female Skrelp and breeding it with your newly found Shellos that has Acid Armor. The end result you need a male Skrelp.

Finally, you take a male Skrelp knowing Acid Armor and a female Goomy. Now you are done!

Sources: Bulbapedia page on Goomy and the DB