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My current moveset is:

  • Bullet Seed
  • Mega Drain
  • Crunch
  • Stone Edge
Mega Drain? nope. Leech Seed is better, it's really good for boss battles.
Bullet seed is okay but it's unreliable you need a better grass move because mega drain isn't that good either.

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Wood Hammer + Synthesis or Giga Drain
This link allows you to get hard damage off of Wood Hammer while being able to heal it off with Giga Drain or Synthesis. Giga Drain is for getting more damage off, while Synthesis is more of a safer play when going through Dungeons assuming you're OHKOing with Wood Hammer. I use a similar combo on my partner, Bulbasaur in EoT.

Bullet Seed or Razor Leaf
Great ranged moves. I'm not sure about how much PP Bullet Seed has, but multihit moves are VERY powerful in PMD.

A better move if you're going alone, or if your team doesn't mind taking a hit. Good room clearing move for Monster Houses. Otherwise, you could just run Crunch or some other coverage move.

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