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I only found one shiny stone in-game while my adventure, which I used to evolve my Togetic into Togekiss. I need at least one more shiny stone to evolve my Roselia into Roserade. Please help me! Thank you! :)

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Route 12, Secret Super Training (An Opening of Lighting-Quick Attacks!), Route 18 (from Psychic Inver)

The locations of Shiny Stones are at:
Route 12: Surf needed (Requires riding on a Skiddo in the Skiddo farm. Jump to the top right ledge in the farm, and jump over 3 ledges at the right. Park Skiddo before the stairs, and go up there. Shiny Stone!)
Route 18 (from Psychic Inver: 7-9 Super Effective hits in order to obtain a Shinys Stone-prizes vary)
Secret Super Training (An Opening Of Lighting- Quick Attacks! Roserade Ballon-4800 points)

Btw, you spelling is fine!

Source Look for the info on the Shiny Stone (scroll down for a bit)

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You can get more shiny stones using Secret Super Training, a feature you can only use if you have a fully ev trained Pokemon(or was fully ev trained).You have to battle the one with the Roserade(sorry I don't know the name). You will not always get a shiny stone but you will eventually if you keep completing it.

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Ok thanks, it really help! To get a Roserade, you have to defeat a Roserade! :)