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Why won't Igglybuff evolve in Pokemon X?

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I have an Igglybuff that I traded from another game that I cannot get to evolve. According to the friendship rater, "It's amazingly friendly toward you! It must be so happy spending every day with you!" - but it has yet to evolve.
Additional information: Female, Lvl:53, Ability: Competitive, EV trained, "mother" was a shiny. Current item is an Eviolite.

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Well that's strange, Have you leveled it up?
Yes, I leveled it up twice since posting this question, still nothing.
Are you sure it's holding Eviolite and not Everstone?
It's easy to get confused between them.
Maybe.. after all there both stones

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Igglybuff evolves off of happiness, so go to the friendship checker in Laverre City and check its level. If its not max happiness try the many methods to raise its happiness to max. Level it up after that and if it doesnt evolve then something is wrong with your game.

Edit: Sorry missed the part of the question where you said you already went to the friendship checker. Anyways, it might be something to do with the igglybuff or the game itself. Try to get another igglybuff and make it evolve. If you run into the same problem your game might be glitched.

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He said he is already at the friendship rater
whoops didnt see that part
I think the Igglybuff is glitched. You said its mother was shiny. Quite a few shines are made by illegal methods. These Pokémon usually glitch up. There is a chance that their offsprings do as well.