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Okay well my sentence isnt that good but this is what I mean. I went on vs recorder, I clicked on a video, then it says "do you want to make this battle video public on the internet?". What do they mean by that. Their actully going to post it on the internet like on the Pokemon website or youtube?

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It's somewhat like this:

When you battle someone without DC (a complete match) the after the match is over, you get a message on whether you want to save this battle or not. If you save it, you can access the Vs. Recorder to view the match.
After this, if you are online while you were accessing the recorder, it will show a blue screen on which you will have an arrow option. Click on that and then on the video you want to publicise.

Then after publicising it on internet you get a code for the battle (over here) which can then be told to other players, who can then view your match as per recorded online by the "Search by code" option.

Source: experience
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If you do choose to make it open to the public it will, I am not sure but I am pretty sure it will work like this:

People all over will go on their VS. recorder and might press other battle videos and yours should be there, ready to be seen by people all over the world. :D

I know it might be wrong but it's what I think would happen.
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