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He is on a team with the other eevee evolutions except flareon he will be my physical sweeper. Nature Jolly likes to run. I want leaf blade but what about his other moves is baton pass swords dance worth it Becuase I thought it isn't becuase umbreon is the only other physical attacker and he has curse. I was also considering return.


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I think what you want needs to look something like this :
leafeon-life orb

leaf blad-STAB

double edge\return-get him leafy

sword dance-theres no thing better

b-pass\quick attack\synthsis\x-scissor

b-pass-pass it on

quick attack-priorety

synthysis-recover demege

x-scissor-nother good physical move

inspired by serbii

Dragonite did you vote this down ? I don't think it fair