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Tell me some compatible parents.


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Muk learns Acid Armor at level 42 (Grimer at level 40) and is in the Amorphous egg group, breed a male Muk with a female Magcargo/Slugma and BOOM Acid Amror Magcargo.

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But I'm playing X/Y. Where I can find Muk or Grimer or is there other compatible parents?
You can only get Muk in the Poison Friend Safari, and unfortunately no, there arent any other compatible parents.
wow I didn't know you can get fully evolved pokemon (excluding baby pokemons evolutions) from eggs, I wanna try that!
Poison Friend Safari? How I can get there...?
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Breed your Macgarco with a Muk that has Acid Armor.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Acid_Armor_(move)