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I was walking around Goldenrod City in that Team Rocket outfit, and the dialogue from people I talk to is pretty funny. But once I walked in the Radio Tower, my rival screwed everything up, so I'd LOVE a list of all the dialogue you get from talking to people in the Team Rocket outfit, other Team Rocket members, NPCs, and the wireless room ladies included. :P

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Boy oh boy...another one of these!
Eh, at least you're doing this for humour's sake, it seems you have a reason.

Okay, everyone you talk to in Goldenrod City (that you have access to) has their dialogue changed, except for Nurse Joy and the Wi-Fi ladies.
Oh, and some other people but I don't know them all. :P

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All the people he doesn't talk to don't have their dialogue changed. Even the game says it itself:

>The ladies at this department store never change their attitude. Be in front of a regular customer or a Team Rocket member. That's what I call professional!

I'm pretty sure that video covers everything, but if you have anymore questions than just ask me in the comment section I guess. :/

Hope I helped. :)

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Dang Indi
I know there's changed dialogue for the wireless room/wifi club attendants, and one place I have failed to get dialogue from is the person in the magnet train station.  So do you know if there is any dialogue for the officer in the magnet train building?