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It has maximum affection in Pokémon amie, and I leveled it up, yet it still hasn't evolved.

Is it because the affection on Pokémon amie isn't the same as happiness, and it just counts towards it?


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Basically, yeah. Although its easily thought that way, Pokemon-Amie Affection and Happiness aren't related. Sorry. :(

Here is a list of other ways to boost happiness though.

Hope I helped. :)
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So did all the stuff I did on pokemon amie count for anything?
I wasn't even close lol
No, not really. Sorry.
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Your Cleffa isn't evolving because Pokémon Amie affection is totally different from friendship.

Interacting with a Pokémon or feeding it increases its affection towards the player, which grants bonuses such as allowing it to avoid attacks and land critical hits more often. Note that affection is separate from friendship.

You can have your Pokémon gain happiness by:

  • Walking with the Pokémon in your party
  • Getting a massage in Cyllage City
  • Using a vitamin
  • Using a wing
  • Leveling up in battle
  • Soothing Bag from Super Training
  • Using certain berries
  • Colorful Shake from the Juice Shoppe
  • Rare Soda from Juice Shoppe
  • Ultra Rare Soda from Juice Shoppe
  • EV Juice from Juice Shoppe
  • Perilous Soup from Juice Shoppe

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