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Ok I finishd all the games and I decided to take the plat challenge again and here is my in-game team :

torretera admant
earthquake, stone edge, synthisis, wood hammer

luxray jolly
thunder fang ,crunch 'ice fang,fire fang

roserade modest
energy ball , sludge bomb,weather ball,rain dance

gastrodon sassy
ice beam,surf,eaarth power,ancient power

drifblim quiet
shadow ball,toxic,desteny bond,protect

lucario mild
aoura sphere,earthquake,water pulse,psychic

i need to think about the items but other then that its all done


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Well, I would suggest switching Gastrodon with Floatzel or Milotic because that would be 2 Ground types. I would pick Floatzel for its Speed, which forms a perfect sweeper. You have great movesets for your team so don't switch it. As for items, here they are:

Torterra-Miracle Seed(increase damage of Wood Hammer
Luxray-Magnet(increase Thunder's damage)
Roserade-Poison Barn(increase Sludge Bombs damage)
Lucario-Life Orb(to form a perfect sweeper, increase your damage)
Driftblim-Leftovers(it has high HP, so this is a must)
Floatzel-Mystic Water(increase damage and in the rain, perfect)

Floatzel moveset-Adamant(you won't use SP Attack anyway)
Ice Punch-Grass types
Bulk Up-raise Attack and Defence
Quick attack/Aqua Jet-you know why

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