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For example:
Spiritomb - Only weak against fairy
Sableye - Only weak to Fairy
Those are the only Pokemon that come to my mind.

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  • Sableye and Spiritomb - Dark/Ghost - weak to enter image description here

  • Swamper, Gastrodon, Whichsash, Quagsire and Seismitoad - Water/Ground - weak to enter image description here

  • Drapion and Skuntank - Dark/Poison - weak to enter image description here

  • Rotom-Wash - Water/Electric (Levitate) - weak to enter image description here

  • Scizor, Forrestress, Durant, Escavalier, Genesect and Wormadam (Trash Cloak) - Bug/Steel - weak to enter image description here


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thanks! I just realize forretress too ^^
No Problem ^_^
What about whiscash? XD
Forretress is also weak to fighting, not just fire
Bug resists Fighting.
oops i was thinking about ferrothorn sorry
Primal Groudon aswell, He's Fire/Ground making him weak to Water and Ground, but his ability Desolate Land stops all Water type moves so he's just weak to Ground.
The question says typewise, which means that the asker doesn't care if the dual-typed Pokemon has an ability that allows it to have only one weakness.
*cough cough* Rotom levitate *cough cough*
i have 1 that is not in the list above this message.
alolan muk: only weak to ground
*Cough Cough* Necroposting *Cough Cough*. But this list should probably be updated... ?
Necroposting is allowed if the comment/answer gives new information.
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Just found this and I've got a bit of new info that could be useful.

As mentioned, Alolan Muk falls into the same category as Drapion and Skuntank, but Genesect should also be included with the Bug/Steels.

While in the same vein as Rotom-Wash, Weezing with Levitate is only weak to Psychic and Seaking with Lightning Rod is only weak to Grass, but for historic reference, Bronzong had only 2 weaknesses (prior to Steel's loss of Ghost and Dark resistances in Gen 6), each of which was neutralized/negated by one of it's abilities (Heatproof neutralized Fire and Levitate negated Ground) and Ghost/Dark had 0 weaknesses prior to Fairy's introduction in Gen 6.

As far as Pokemon with single weaknesses based on typing alone (not ability) there are only 5 possibilities with the current type chart and we have 4 of them (Bug/Steel, Water/Ground, Poison/Dark, and Ghost/Dark); the 5th would be a Normal/Ghost and would be weak to Dark only.

As side mention, pure Electric and Normal Pokemon naturally only have 1 weakness each (Ground and Fighting respectively) and there is only 1 Pokemon family with no weaknesses still to this day: Eelektross (because pure-Electric with Levitate), but is irrelevant due to being cut from Gen 8 at this time.