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I have

Energy ball

Hidden power(Rock)

Dragon pulse


I was thinking either Leaf storm for a one hit wonder. Hyper beam as a last chance move. or Focus blast for coverage. But Leaf storm lowers S.attack but at least I can just switch out. Hyper beam leaves a whole turn for the opponent to kill me. and Focus blast is unrelable with low acc. and pp.


2 Answers

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One vote for leaf storm as I think with STAB it will be stronger than Hyper beam and you can switch out afterwards

For hyper beam you will likely be KO'd while you recharge

and I don't really like Focus blast for it Flawed accuracy.

I'd go for leaf storm because I love having ultimate move under my sleeves

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There's no need in having 2 grass type moves, so don't use leaf storm.

Also Hyper Beam wastes a turn, which is a big downside, so don't even bother with it.

Focus Blast has doesn't have too bad accuracy and gives you coverage, plus 120 base power is pretty strong with Sceptiles Sp. Attack. Go with Focus Blast, its by far the best choice.