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I was wondering if there is a move that makes an ally or opponent levitate. I know Magnet rise does, but can only be used on yourself, so please can someone help me out?


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Telekinesis raises a foe into the air and makes the target immune to Ground-type moves, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Arena Trap for three turns. In addition, all other moves, except one-hit knockout moves, hit the target regardless of accuracy and evasion; however, it does not allow moves to hit semi-invulnerable Pokémon.


Or, (this isnt really a move, but w/e) you could use Trick or Switcheroo to pass an Air Balloon to your opponent/ally.

Or, you could use Skill Swap with a Pokemon with Levitate.

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I think there is a move that switches abilities...
^Skill Swap
Skill swap + levitate
something like chimecho can do it
Thank you! (Sorry for late reply).