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So I want Nasty Plot on my Honchkrow for breeding purposes, but I really don't want to train up one up because I don't have the time (I've also already checked the GTS).

I know that with some Pokemon, if they've Evolved you can go to the "Move Reminder" Lady and she can teach you moves that you were never even prompted to learn before.

Honchkrow learns Nasty Plot at Level 35, but if I were to evolve a Murkrow at a Higher Level (let's say 40), could I go to the Move Rememberer and make it "remember" Nasty Plot?

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Yes if you Evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow at Level 40 and then go to the Move Reminder she will re-teach you're Honchrow Nasty Plot in exchange for a Heart Scale.

Source: Knowledge and Experience.

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