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I'd really like to know the answer to the question as it will help with my Berry Fields.

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Ninja hacks, so we're hoping he'll answer. Sempi requested him to do it on his wall, so he's aware of how much we want him to answer.
This is very funny to watch. :D
Me and Scraf should be a comedy duo, eyy Scraf?
lol xD
I ran 9 simultaneous tests.
Every single one mutated.
I think it's guaranteed mutation, but I've only run 17 tests.

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The test results are finally in!

Boost Mulch:

  • Causes soil to dry out 600% faster.
  • *Triples berry harvest.*

Rich Mulch:

  • Increases harvest by 2 berries.

Suprise Mulch:

  • Guarantees berry mutation.

Amaze Mulch is all of these effects combined!

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The test results are finally in!*
So you decided to answer after all, GJ Scraf! I’m 99.9% certain that you’re right, at first I thought the Boost Mulch couldn’t possibly dry out the soil 600% faster as it seemed a bit high, but I wasn’t aware that the soft soil used to grow berries actually dries out in 24 hours (1 day), so it’s logical that when the Boost or Amaze Mulch is used they dry out the soil 600% faster, so in 4 hours. Are you sure the Surprise Mulch actually guarantees Berry Mutation though? If so then what was the chance of Berry Mutation before the Surprise Mulch was used? I guess that’s a question for another time eyy? xD
Yeah. 37 consecutive mutations don't lie :P