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For example, after you use Stockpile, you get hit by Simple Beam, then you use Spit Up/Swallow, would the Def/S.Def loss doubled by Simple?

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With no anecdotal evidence for now, I'm going to do Theorymon and guess.


"Generation V...
"Simple now doubles the number of stages in a stat change rather than doubling the effectiveness of each boost...
"The move Simple Beam can change the target Pokémon's Ability to Simple. Pokémon that receive Simple will not have pre-existing stat changes doubled."


"Generation V...
"The boost removal is now shown as stat drops."

So theoretically you should have +3 Def and +3 S.Def after 3x Stockpile, after getting hit by Simple Beam, using Spit Up/Swallow will leave it at -3 Def and -3 S.Def

(I'm not gonna talk about Gen IV and lower, it gets weird from there.)

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